Emilie Pannier, urban artist

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For 10 years, Emilie Pannier has an unusual perspective on urban landscapes. Emilie was inspired by contemporary urbanism: Paris, Toulouse, New York while maintaining the taste of tormented gray skies, the grazing and unreal lights in her native Normandy. Passionated by photomontage and painting, she explored the world of garages and rusty metal, surveyed the derelict sites to better decipher their soul and imbue in her work. This artist is also inspired by the street culture such as graffiti and comics.


With her brushes, Emily continues her quest for aesthetics focusing on anonymous people who make and unmake the city. She creates images where past and present meet and bind in the privacy of the painting.

Oil, glycero paint and spray paint the discord and the poetry that characterize the city. Places, people, images stolen in the urban bustle. The space of the canvas reveals moments when time freezes, where the beating of the city stops.

That little extra: Emilie can also do paintings to suit your tastes and moods, do not hesitate to contact before her paintings become inaccessible.


To contact Emilie Pannier :https://www.facebook.com/pannier.emilie
To see her paints in Paris
Art Generation
67 rue de la verrerie, 75004 Paris
01 53 01 83 88
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