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Every week SoFrenchy is presenting a french artist. You’ll discovered and rediscovered a French song. “LOLcats” and “TGIF” are over, Friday is now the day of the “Song of the Week by SoFrenchy

Have a good weekend !


Last week we listened, the reggae song of Biga Ranx. Today let’s play some electro-folk…

Kid Francescoli:

Created in 2000, Kid Francescoli, band from Marseille, is a mix between electro, pop and indie. Mathieu Hocine and his band has already published 2 albums in 2006 and 2012. For this first single “Blow Up”, Kid Francescoli has made a collaboration with the singer Julia and made an hypnotizing song. Just enjoy the clip…

By the way “kid Francescoli” is a tribute to Enzo Francescoli, ex-football player, who played for Olympique de Marseille.