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Every week SoFrenchy is presenting a french artist. You’ll discovered and rediscovered a French song. “LOLcats” and “TGIF” are over, Friday is now the day of the “Song of the Week by SoFrenchy

Have a good weekend !


Last week we listened Kid Francescoli from Marseille, today let’s play some hip-hop from Paris…

1995 :

1995 is a French rap group founded in 2008 in the southern part of Paris as P.O.S. The name was changed to “1995” in 2010 in reference to the year 1995 considered a “golden year” for French rap (in 1995 NTM released the « Paris sous les bombes » album).  Coming from Youtube generation (43 million view on their YP page), 1995 is provided a fresh and alternative hip hop. The first LP «  Paris Sud Minute » confirms their talent and proves that the « golden age » of french hip hop is not over.