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Every week SoFrenchy is presenting a french artist. You’ll discovered and rediscovered a French song. “LOLcats” and “TGIF” are over, Friday is now the day of the “Song of the Week by SoFrenchy

Have a good weekend !



Last week we listened 1995 hip hop from Paris, today let’s play some electro from Poitiers…


As a tribute to Lewis Carroll, Jabberwocky is a secret concept… Created by 3 students from Poitiers, Jabberwocky is inspired by rock, electro music, hip-hop and classic piano. Photomaton is the first single (autoproduced) of this new band, the clip is directed by Pain Surprises. After watching the videoclip, just be careful on saturday night if a beautiful girl with blue hair is flirting with you…