Gossima, ping pong bar in Paris


Opened in July 2013, this unusual bar allows all people to indulge in ping-pong (or table tennis for the more French) at any level. Here, there are no pros in mini shorts hauling competitive gears, on the contrary. Rather there’s sharing, exchange and conviviality. Located in a former garage and a former hair salon adjoining it, the owners wanted to keep the layout of the place and the atmosphere of the old premises (600m² in the 11th district of Paris, it’s like a dream…). The band (or DJ) sets up on the garage elevator which was used to repair cars.

Tables are spread over 2 floors and are named after personalities who played ping-pong, you would be playing at the table of Marcel Cerdan, Henry Miller (who loved playing ping pong with naked girls, look at the picture in the background …), Frank Zappa, Fidel Castro, Bob Marley or Marilyn Monroe.


Jérôme Guilbert, tennis fan who has worked in the field of events marketing, joined forces with  the former star of French table tennis, Jean-Philippe Gatien (Olympic silver medalist in Barcelona in ’92, world champion in ’93 and 13 times champion of France, no less …), to create this unique place in France.

Inspired by European and New York ping pong bars, Gossima has given a real identity to this place by focusing on conviviality rather than on performance. In addition to the Cornilleau tables, you can enjoy two bars, a restaurant and especially the club armchairs and sofas … everything for more than reasonable prices.

The first time, you will come to Gossima for the love of the game, but you will return for the atmosphere. Because it’s the whole point of Gossima ping pong bar, it’s primarily a festive place, musical and relaxed; frequented by a predominantly female, very mixed clientèle.

So, no more zumba, boxing or sports club, come play ping pong! You’ll keep your figure and on top of that you will meet lots of new people, “bar athletes” who will kindly offer you a quick match or a double.

That little extra: You can arrange “run around the table” games up to 10 people (the table rental price remains unchanged) or book your personal or professional events by  privatizing tables or the bar in its entirety! A change from the treasure hunt or futsal in the suburbs!

Gossima bar Ping Pong (information et address):
4 rue Victor Gelez, 75011 Paris
09 67 29 75 79
Rent : 30mn= 5€, 1h= 8€ before6PM. After 6PM and during weekend 30mn = 6€. 
Rackets and balls provided
Free Wifi
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