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Is the capital’s symbol too big? Outrageous? Yes. Egocentric? Yes. Like pleasure. And like the city that hosts it,  full of endless meetings and opportunities. Forever an object of desire, with La Tour est Folle, do get a bit of Paris in you!

Before making the Eiffel Tower hypoallergenic, the artist, who did not create the woman but almost, amused himself by drawing large fetuses everywhere on the capital, as much as the infants born of pleasure in the city.

A project in the making? No doubt. A large project. A pure project, as its texture of amazing softness! Made in France in all its splendor, from the product to the package. The haute couture of pleasure.

Under its hollow base, where the Eiffel Tower accommodates cables and multiple metal assemblies, the Tour est Folle could soon host a small vibrating motor or light effects, to make it sparkle at midnight! Just like the real thing but more sexy.

It measures 26 cm (14 cm for the 3rd floor), has a diameter of 3.3 cm at the top, weighs lightly at 142 grams, flexible as you who, if you are a normal person, will forget all these figures the instant you hold it.

To find it, it’s unnecessary to search in guides, make your little tour of Paris sexy, all addresses are here.

An ideal souvenir which is so much presentable than the keychains!

That little extra: the most famous French billionaire Liliane Bettencourt (heiress of l’Oréal) has made a superb sex representation in gold an admirable decorative object. With La Tour est Folle, would you also dare yourself, the eccentricity?!

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Caroline Desvaux

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