Laurent Baillet, street-photographer and globetrotter


“I make my photographs in the street, by extending the exposure time and thus changing the scale of perception of time. So everything appears to be very different. It is, however, that of the reality. “ Thus is how Laurent Baillet defines his approach for the series Chronographies. His photos indeed questions us on the effect of time that lapses and on the ephemeral character of traces left by our passage. The use of lengthy exposure alters our benchmarks to offer a different vision of the world through an expanded space-time.


A real “street-photographer” Laurent has made ​​the city his land favorite playground. He is also a globetrotter, curious about cultures and atmospheres, that he reproduces with great sensitivity. The evanescent crowds of Madrid, Kuala Lumpur or at Jerusalem’s  Wailing Wall consist of real meticulously aesthetic scenes, in an urban setting that proves to be, depending on the case, harmonious or oppresive. These faceless and almost ghostly characters seem to be moving in a single direction with a single goal. What is striking about this multicultural overview is the link that characterizes a form of standardization of lifestyles pointed out by these images.


In a more abstractive approach, Laurent also captures during the passage of a subway or the fragrance of road traffic to render a symphony of colors and movement, always with the same intensity.

Fascinated by imagery from the outset but professional only in recent years, Laurent shoots in the past few months the photos of Liu Bolin, the famous Chinese “Invisible Man” whose trademark is to hide in the landscape of his images. No doubt that with such a sponsor, Laurent will quickly access a well-deserved fame.

More photos on Laurent Baillet website

that little extra: Exclusively for SoFrenchy, discover the poignant picture of the Wailing Wall made ​​during Laurent’s recent visit to Israel.



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