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Oh Mama!

Well, it’s true, the location is a bit out of the way. Yes, there are so many restaurants in central Paris that it’s sometimes hard to get up the motivation to go that far away. Yes, but there’s an exception to the rule: Mama Shelter is a very special place … Designed by the celebrity Philippe Starck, accented and modified by the French architect Roland Castro, the Mama restaurant (regulars will say it’s all about the food!) will immerse you in its unique atmosphere. This restaurant is trendy, smart, urban, stylish, chic, with design to please the crowds who frequent it.

Here, there’s no lounge music, it’s all Rap and R&B, mixed some evenings by stars from the French alternative scene. As for the cuisine, Mama’s serves the classics revisited by French star chef Alain Senderens. Mama’s simple favorites can be enjoyed in good company by the fireplace, the giant fussball table, or on the patio, a favorite Parisian summer hangout.

Mama also features a Pizzeria: featuring the wonderful ambiance of checkered tablecloths and high wicker chairs where you will enjoy the trendiest pizza in Paris!

That little something extra: in the evening, you’ll want to make a quick detour over to the famous la Flèche d’Or, right across from Mama’s! Enjoy a fashionable Parisian outing into the wee hours…Think ahead and consult the programming. Concerts at la Flèche d’Or can sometimes be quite…surprising!


open everyday from 11AM à 01AM

phone +33 (0)1 43 48 48 48

109 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris

métro : Porte de Bagnolet


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