Mongoo, a salad bar in the Madeleine neighborhood

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Looking for something fresh? When you’re traveling, sometimes you are seized by the need for simple, healthy food. After those elaborate restaurant menus, for your next meal you simply want a mixed salad with a drizzle of olive oil, a fat-free yogurt, maybe some whole grain bread, and that’s it! As paradoxical as it might sound, this is what’s usually the hardest to find when you’re traveling abroad!

At Mongoo Salad Bar, you make your own salad: arugula, lamb’s lettuce, endive, spinach leaves, and more, all assembled and garnished according to your appetite and your mood. Your choice of dressings too!
Here, everything is fresh, light, and well-balanced.

And if you want to do as the Parisians do as they go for lunch in the neighborhood, you’ll take your unique salad creation to go and enjoy it in the sunshine seated on the steps of the Madeleine.
That’s right, now you know her secret. It’s not the red wine that keeps those excess kilos off the hips and slender waste of a Parisian woman. No, it’s this guilt-free lunchtime ritual! Before trying on your bikini, try out the fresh selections of a fabulous salad bar!

Mongoo Salad Bar Paris (address and information):
30 rue Godot de Mauroy​, 75009 Paris
33 rue de Washington, 75008 Paris
open from monday to friday – 11.30AM to 3.30PM
phone +33 (0)1 40 07 19 78

That little something extra: For total immersion, visit Mongoo at 1pm on a weekday. That’s where you’ll encounter hungry Parisians on the go!
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