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Located in the 11th district of Paris, La Musardine is an unusual bookstore. Here, all the works are related to eroticism, sexual pleasure and orgasm. Make no mistake this is not a sex shop with molded plastic dildos or a dark movie theatre forbidden to those under 18. Instead everything here is clean, tidy and expertly put forward. Whatever your sexuality or your fantasies you will find in this erotic bookstore the book to fill your sexual appetite.

BDSM, Tantra, masturbation, orgasm, G-spot, prostate are featured in quality publications as varied as novels, essays, comics, photo books, manga, historical works or tests that can be taken by couples or between friends. You will never feel uncomfortable because of a look, inappropriate attitude or a degrading book title.

On the other hand your senses will be titillated and your curiosity sharpened throughout your visit. If you don’t live in Paris or you cannot get there, no problem because La Musardine offers a wide range of erotic literature with the same promotion section on its website.

Whatever your desire or your situation as a couple, do not be shy and feel free to wander around this library, you will come out exhilarated and ready for cerebral enjoyment of the naughtiest.

That little extra: La Musardine offers, on top of its erotic library, meetings with the authors, parties and themed discussions and partnerships with real eroticism experts of all kinds…Mmm delicious.

La Musardine (adress and information):
122 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris
01 49 29 48 55
tuesday to Saturday : 11am – 7pm
metro : Père Lachaise

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