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Everyone knows Bon Marché and its deli, but did you know that only 5-minute walk from there is a wine expert? We do not speak of a chain of stores selling wine, we are referring to a real student of Maitre Bacchus. Francois Surget offers over 1300 wines and champagnes … and he has tasted them all! He will know what to advise and what to make you taste and maybe even make you share his passion for good French wine.

From Burgundy to Languedoc, through the Loire, the Lyonnais, The Rhone, Aix, Bordeaux … You will find the wine flavors of all French regions to accompany your dishes and especially delight your taste buds. Something tells us that you will not come only once!

4, Rue Mayet 75006 Paris
Tuesday to Saturday : 10:30AM – 8:30PM – Dimanche : 10AM – 1:30PM
Phone: 01 43 06 59 29

That little extra: François himself created his wine in choosing his wine grape varieties and barrels – Yes, a barrel is tasted with water before aging the wine, that’s what Francois told us! Not only do you get to your dinner with good wine but in addition, you can impress at the table with an interesting anecdote on shared vintage. –
Le vin de table à 10 balles et le vin de table à vingt balles (Table wines at 10 francs and table wines at 20 francs) are the titles of his wine creations…



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