Les Petites annonces de Marine: small real estate oxygen source for saturated Paris!

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It’s July, the great house hunting has begun! The summer workers, long-term tourists, panicking students and precarious thirties compose the big bulk of apartment hunters. Airbnb shows no vacancies, the SeLoger website is saturated, your rental file a little light? Turn to the young community on the net who share their good deals on apartments in no time, in addition to giving you tips to prepare your rental folder. Hosted on Facebook, the “Petites annonces de Marine” page has 3,000 fans, it is still little and that’s so much better compared to other pages listing apartment rentals in bulk!

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The new real estate oxygen source for Paris

Marine and Jules combine their professional expertise to launch this page in January 2013: Marine, altruistic realtor (there is enough to reconcile with the profession) propose 10 ads from her real property inventory while guaranteeing to bust up the agency fee, 600 “like”  the first day  and the apartment foray in one week. Jules in turn administrates the page daily and inserts fun content in between ads. The machine is launched, the community becomes a new channel to relay announcements, exchanges and subleases of apartment. This alternative seems like a breath of fresh air and helps relieve conventional real estate agency sites with premium rate phone numbers, paid ads and prohibitive file fees.

Both entrepreneurs rely on their capital cool & resourcefulness to get the trust of their fans and operate by word of mouth, like Alice who expresses her enthusiasm on the page: “Thank you Les Petites Annonces de Marine, in three days I have found a tenant for the holidays (I had come to despair about not finding anyone even on the sites like boncoin, airbnb, etc!) Page is really good (I’ll recommend it to my friends): Keep it up!”

According to Jules, it is possible that a real network grows on social media, today’s tenants will be tomorrow’s owners then it would not be surprising in a few years that we can buy our apartment through a web community, enough to make PAP and company fade in comparison.

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That little extra: Marine and Jules keep you up on the good deals of the weekend through the week-end mythomane of Jacky and their favorite restaurants every Tuesday!

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