Hotel du Nord, restaurant in Paris Canal St Martin

Oh what pain in the neck:  finding a restaurant in Paris that takes booking for within 2 hours rather than for the next three weeks, a bistro-gastronomical cuisine without an astronomical bill, a place not necessarily recommended by Le Fooding to avoid the aesthetics and the plebs razzmataz…suffice it to say you have quickly depleted your keyword combination in Google.

L’Hotel du Nord, a unique and historic place

But no, do not be so “fatalitaire” as Arletty would say it: call the Hotel du Nord, come across a charming voice, book for 9pm, call back to prefer 8pm, arrive at 8:30pm, the smile from the  phone call still remains.


Regarding the cuisine, the “Hotel Du Nord” menu is pretty standard but tasty, the dishes well proportioned and the plate elegant; your veg-head mate will even find his fare. The chef could go a little more on the seasoning though. To save you from the antiquated ergonomics of their site, you will find a good summary of their menu here.

As for the lounge, it’s big, it’s subdued, it’s good taste, not taking major risks (and that’s good as well) but we welcome the homogeneity of the whole. Perfect for an intimate rendezvous, the “Hotel Du Nord“space is large enough to avoid overlapping conversations.


Le petit plus : leave the “‘Hotel du Nord” and have a walk on the Canal St Martin, you’ll find some parts of the “Bobo” night life in Paris having picnic with lot of wine. As you leave, you have the lock of Récollets just across, go, lovers get on it, look at Paris float, oh here it is pretty, you will return dozens of times for the sake of replaying this scene (“Atmosphère, atmosphère, est-ce que j’ai une gueule d’atmosphère?” Arletty – Hôtel du Nord 1938).

Hôtel du Nord – Restaurant – Bar (address and information)
102, Quai de Jemmapes,  Paris 10ème 
01 40 40 78 78
Bar: open from 9.00am to 2.00am 9h00 jusqu’à 2h du matin
Restaurant: Monday – Friday: From noon to 2.30pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00pm
Saturday and Sunday: rom noon to 3.00pm and from 7.00pm to 11.00pm
40€ per person with  wine – Menu


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