Silvain Nougatier in Provence

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Upon entering the store of Saint Didier, you’ll understand immediately: Silvain Nougatier is not only a retail outlet with quality products, this is an extension of local Avignon. Here you will find expertise, a tradition and a passion for almonds and honey. Silvain Nougatier immerses you in the heritage flavor of Provence, the Vaucluse farmers themselves have created and harvested the almonds vital to the Provencal cuisine.

You can eat almonds in all its forms: sugar coated pills, nougat, nougat bars, iced nougat … The almond trees grow on the foothills of Mont Ventoux in a calcareous and stony ground, which gives almond its taste and particular crisp.

Silvain’s farmers don’t just produce almonds, they also breed bees that gather nectar from Provencal flowers: lavender, thyme, rosemary, as well as lime.

Taste, close your eyes and let yourself go … it’s divine.

Route de Vénasque, 84210 SAINT-DIDIER
04 90 66 09 57

That little extra: Pair your tasting session with a guided tour to learn about the transformation cycle from almonds to nougats.

 July/August : 10am-12H00 & 3pm-7pm  7/7
Guided tour on tuesday and thursday 10.15am
June & September to December :
10am-12H00 & 2pm-6pm 7/7
Guided tour on wednesday 10.15am
February to May:
10am-12H00 & 2pm-6pm 7/7 – tuesday to sunday
Guided tour on wednesday 10.15am
Closed on January
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