HintHunt, “Live Escape Game” in Paris

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Do you know the “Live Escape Game”? Of Asian origin, this game makes a team face a conundrum to solve, a sine qua non condition to escape the room in which participants are locked.

This concept is a real phenomenon in Hungary, where more than 40 centers and as many puzzles have already been created.  The first French center arrived in Paris a few weeks ago thanks to the HintHunt Paris team. Located in an old leather shop near the Pompidou Center, HintHunt Paris is currently offering one puzzle in 3 different rooms.


Claustrophobics take note: Don’t worry this is not a remake of “The Cube,” the setting is well-ventilated and reassuring. The scheme even seems at first quite simple: “John Monroe, a private detective has been murdered in his office while investigating a murder,” you have 1 hour to solve the case. Easy! … On paper.

You’re off to an intense search for clues and especially an exhilarating intellectual gymnastics. You are master of your own time management and therefore your stress … And it is not so simple, 50% of teams who played failed to solve the puzzle in 60 minutes.

So are you ready to discover the murderer of John Monroe?

That little extra: the HintHunt Paris offers a bottle of champagne to each team who beats the record (currently at 54 minutes). The SoFrenchy team succeeded in 59m29s, pffff, that was close!
HintHunt Paris ( information and address) :
62 rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris (metro Rambuteau, Arts et Metiers, Reaumur Sebastopol)
From 3 to 5 players, duation 1h30 (briefing: 15mn /game: 60mn / debriefing: 15mn)
Sessions are held every 2hours, from 10am to 10pm, 7j/7
HintHunt Paris can be done in french or english
Rate from 19  to 30 €, depending of number of players
Online booking: hinthunt.fr
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