The “Réveil du Xème”: a family-owned favorite…

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Walking through the doors of this neighborhood wine bistro is like going back in time. The owners are genuine residents of the Auvergne region, so they have created an atmosphere reminiscent of their roots and their family story. The owners have passed the business on to their daughter and son-in-law, who have kept the “old Paris bistro” tradition wholly intact, as you can read on the storefront. The owners still bottle the wine and lovingly prepare the aligot, truffade, stuffed cabbage, and the Aubrac steak, as a way of honoring their roots and delighting their regular diners.

At any moment of the day, a rhythm of timeless Paris beats in this little corner bistro: enjoy a high octane espresso along with your daily paper in the morning, stop in at noon for an invigorating lunch, enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail with friends, sample one of the beaujolais selected for you by the owner, or rendez-vous for a romantic evening and enjoy one of the wonderful dishes on the dining menu.

As lovers of local cuisine, good wine, and friendly atmosphere, this is one of our favorite stops. A place this lovely makes winter all that much easier to bear…

That little something extra: the current wine selection, which is tested and approved by Daniel.

Phone number: +33 (0)1 42 41 77 59

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