“Tout un Fromage”, cheese maker and creator of the “Roland Claquos” tournament


Rambouillet is known for its park and its historic castle, but this city is now famous beyond the French borders because of its cheese factory. “Tout un Fromage” is more than just a cheese shop, it is a temple of quality cheese, and it has also been named best cheese makers in the Gault & Millau magazine (November 2012). Feel free to savor and ask advice and participate in tastings, your taste buds will be in ecstasy.

Foreign friends you would be received like royalty in this cheese shop. The owners speak 5 languages ​​and have a machine that enchants the customers who have difficulties finding good cheese. Indeed, whether you are tourists or French living abroad, “Tout un Fromage” can vacuum pack your cheese, allowing travel for 72 hours without loss of quality and bad odors.

Besides his passion for cheese, Ludovic has a well-honed humor, after organizing the “XV du fromager” during the Rugby World Cup and diverting film dialogues on YouTube, he is the famous inventor of the Roland Claquos cheese tournament!This famous competition commented by excentrique pundits Nelson Beaufort and Henri Lecomte regroups 128 cheeses to compete in a merciless tournament until June 9. In your opinion who will win? L’Abondance, l’Epoisses or the Roquefort?

 87 rue du Général de Gaulle, 78120 Rambouillet
01 34 83 08 12 
Open Tuesday to Friday from 9.30am to 1pm and from 3.30pm to 7.30pm,
Satuday from 8.30 to 1pm and from 3.30pm to 7.30pm,
Sunday from 10.00am to 1pm. Closed on mondays.

That little extra: Shipping is free from 40 € within 15 km radius. Even if we could not do “Tout un Fromage”, it’s classy to have a customised cheese plate delivered to the office.



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