Encountering Yesonme, aka Clément Arnaud, illustator

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He has a bright and sharp pen stroke and seems driven by a demand for simplicity and efficiency. Enter the world of Yesonme, means first to be captured by the distinctive looks of his characters… Meeting with a promising talent.

It’s a young illustrator of 21 years, Clément Arnaud, who is behind the nickname of Yesonme. After studying Applied Arts in La Rochelle, motivated by a proven taste for illustration since childhood, Clément has joined Paris to naturally move towards graphics notably at the Ecole du Louvre… before completely devoting himself to the development of his own work.


This very personal universe is that of a gallery of crazy portraits in situations sometimes trash. Yet, Yesonme’s creative process is based on the observation of each moment more than on  a vivid and spontaneous imagination. If the characters appear crazy and sometimes completely berserk, they are inspired by “real life” and feelings born of furtive encounters or diverse perspectives in the subway. It’s quite the talent of the illustrator to soak in daily reality to restore it in a pure underground style of an indie American comics.

Yet, he doesn’t claim Crumb but rather the side of Hergé when looking for his main source of influence.  Oh yes, it is Tintin that marked the youth of Clément. He admired the simplicity and universal style, without frills.


On his website, he also sites Soulage for his credo: “The more limited the means are, the stronger the expression will be.” Yesonme’s version is to provide a minimum number of elements for the eye to focus on the expression.  And indeed, it’s foolproof: it’s the drawing that speaks.



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